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If you are professionally involved in the arts, you or your organisation may be eligible for a grant from the Garrick Charitable Trust. This page is designed to tell you all about the Trust and how to apply for a grant.

Named after the great actor-manager David Garrick, the Garrick Club in London has an outstanding theatrical and artistic background. It was founded in 1831 and occupies a building in Garrick Street on the edge of Covent Garden, in the heart of London’s theatreland. Many legendary actors, directors, writers and artists have been members, from Charles Dickens and Sir Henry Irving in the nineteenth century to Lord Olivier, Sir John Gielgud, Lord Attenborough and Sir Donald Sinden in the modern era.

The playwright and writer AA Milne, best known for his creation Winnie the Pooh, was also a devoted member. He bequeathed to the Garrick Club a portion of his estate. In 2001, the Club sold its interest in the estate to the Disney Corporation. Some of the money was used to establish the Garrick Charitable Trust. In its first seven years, it has made 300 grants totalling almost £1.2 million.

About The Trust

Like the Garrick Club, the Trust aims to encourage theatre, music, literature and dance. The Trust is independent of the Club. We focus on helping professional organisations in need of financial support. We have a particular interest in helping actors, directors, writers, musicians, composers and choreographers in the early stages of their careers.
If you apply, you will need to show that the amount of money you request will make a real difference to your organisation’s future, for example by raising the standard of performance or achieving bigger audiences.

Who Can Apply For  A Grant

Before you apply, please check whether your project falls within the Trust’s criteria for funding. We will only consider applications from organisations which are both: involved in theatre, music, dance or literature, and registered charities.
We prefer to support proposals which: help professionals to develop their careers are not capital appeals allow our modest contribution to make a real difference.
Please note that we do NOT support the following: drama training or academic studies amateur productions projects outside the UK.
Grants will normally be in the range of £2,500-£5,000. We ask organisations receiving a grant to wait three years before reapplying.
There is no deadline for applications. The Trustees meet quarterly. We do not make retrospective grants.

How to Apply For A Grant

First, please write us a short letter - preferably one, but not more than two, pages, perhaps with a publicity flyer.
In your letter please tell us: about your organisation and the project you want us to support how much money you are asking for how your organisation will benefit from a grant what will happen if you do not receive a grant.Occasionally we are able to make an immediate grant, but normally we will then send you a form asking for more detailed information about your request and your organisation.

The form also asks you for your most recent accounts and income, including earnings and support in kind. You may wish to include CVs of the people involved in the project, reviews of previous productions or publicity flyers.

Application Forms

For more information please contact:

Fiona Murray
Garrick Club
15 Garrick Street
London WC2E 9AY
Tel: 020 7395 4111




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