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The Garrick Club

The Garrick is open Monday to Friday and bedrooms are available seven days a week, although there is a reduced service on Saturdays and Sundays after breakfast when the Club is not open for lunch or dinner. The Club is closed during Easter, Christmas, New Year and bank holidays, as well as for three weeks in the Summer, usually during August.


It is the responsibility of members and reciprocal members to ensure that their guests are aware of and abide by the traditions and rules of the Club and act in accordance with the By Laws.

Dress Code

Members, reciprocal members and male guests are required to wear jackets and collared shirts at all times and ties if they are lunching or dining in the Coffee Room. Ties need not be worn in the Coffee Room by members, reciprocal members or male guests who arrive after 9.30 pm for After-Theatre Supper. Ladies may wear trousers but not jeans. No denim, trainers or gym shoes are allowed. This does not apply at weekends when the Club is not fully open.

Business and Personal Papers

No part of the clubhouse may be used for business purposes, which includes discussing business matters. Members, reciprocal members and their guests may not display or exchange business or personal papers in the public spaces of the clubhouse (excluding published materials such as books, magazines, or newspapers). However, papers may be displayed or exchanged in the Members’ Computer Room. The Club’s the name or address may not be used in any advertisement, prospectus or similar publication.


Photography is not permitted within the public areas of the clubhouse. Photographs may be taken in the private dining rooms during privately hosted functions, but only with prior approval of the Secretary and then only for personal use. No photographs taken in the Club should be posted on any form of social media. Photographs cannot be taken of any of the Club’s works of art or memorabilia without the express approval of the Secretary and/or the House Committee anywhere within the Club, including during private functions.

Mobile Telephones

Mobile telephones should be switched off or to silent when entering the Club. Mobile telephones may not be used in the Club, except in the following places: bedrooms; the pay telephone booths in the first floor corridor; lavatories; and the front hall outside the Porters’ Lodge. Mobile telephones and other portable electronic devices may be read in all areas of the clubhouse, except the Coffee Room. Members and reciprocal members also have the use of the Members’ Computer Room.


Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the Club premises, including the bedrooms.

Reciprocal Members

Members of reciprocal clubs are required to produce a card of introduction. Reciprocity is extended to bona fide visiting members only and limited to a maximum of one month. Reciprocal members wishing an extension of this period should make a written request to the Secretary of the Club. Any extension will require payment of a fee. An optional 12.5% gratuity will be added to all reciprocal members’ bills.

Private Rooms

Members and reciprocal members may reserve the Private Dining Room for parties of up to 12 guests, the Pinero Dining Room for parties up to 14, the Wine Cellar Dining Room for parties up to 14, the Sinden Room for up to 16 guests seated and 25 for cocktail parties, the Library for 26 guests (dinner only) and the Milne Room for parties up to 48 guests seated and 70 guests for a cocktail party. For further details please contact the Secretary’s Office on 020 7395 4117 or email coordinator@garrickclub.co.uk.


Members and reciprocal members may reserve tables in the Coffee Room for lunch, dinner and pre- or post-theatre supper by contacting the Hall Porter on 020 7379 6478 or by emailing hallporters@garrickclub.co.uk.

Other Facilities

The Garrick has seventeen bedrooms, a theatrical Library, Morning Room, Card Room, Billiards Room, Reading Room, Members’ Computer Room and Roof Terrace . There is also a Members’ Lounge, also known as Under the Stairs, which is strictly reserved for the use of members only.

Members and reciprocal members may reserve a bedroom by telephoning 020 7395 4117 or by emailing coordinator@garrickclub.co.uk.


All bills for the entertainment of visitors should be paid by the member or reciprocal member and no visitor is permitted to pay for anything whatsoever. We no longer accept cash payments.

For Account enquires please telephone 020 7836 1829 or email accounts@garrickclub.co.uk.


Tipping of individual staff is not permitted but donations can be made to the Staff Christmas Fund via the Secretary’s Office by telephone on 020 7836 1737 or by emailing office@garrickclub.co.uk. An optional 12.5% gratuity will be added to all reciprocal members’ bills.

The Committee is grateful for your co-operation.